Colorful Plush Soft Pet Bed

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 Plush Soft Pet Bed is a round bed made of very soft luxury faux fur that provides warmth and comfort to your furry family. It is the softest and coziest bed that you can gift to your pets. This cuddler bed is best for pets who love to snuggle deep in their bed and rest their heads anywhere they like. It will guarantee your pet the best and comfy sleeping experience.
Pet-Safe Materials : Made of high quality materials, this bed with 4 cm long plush is assured to be soft to the touch. It uses non-toxic faux fur that is skin-friendly for your pooch. It is fully stuffed with hypoallergenic high density polyester fiber.  All materials are 100% safe for your pets.
Promotes Calmness: This fluffy bed aids in easy grounding for pets adapting to new homes. It eases anxiety and relieves stress brought about by environmental factors. It helps them calm down easily and find their peace in their defined territory.
Sense of Security: The raised rim around the bed provides a sense of security that will help them be at ease. It makes them feel safe so they can comfortably rest and experience enhanced quality of sleep.
Extra Comfort: Tailored fit for your beloved pets, this bed is Ideal for pets who love to curl up or sprawl. Ultra-soft full stuffing provides extra fluffiness and warmth that relieves joint and muscle pain while sleeping. It provides more comfort, improves behavior and boosts overall health.  
Versatile Design: Bottom fabric is waterproof so you will not have to worry in case of accidental leak. It also has anti-slip silicone dots that keep bed stationary. Even if your dog moves a lot, the bed will stay still and be in place all the time.  
Portable and lightweight: Perfect for setting up a calming sleeping zone both indoors and outdoors. With its fluffy material, the bed is lightweight and convenient to bring anywhere. This is perfect when you are travelling with your fur family.
Easy Care: Handwashing recommended. Simple machine wash at gentle cycle. Tumble dry at low heat and do not air dry.
Well-packaged: To ensure that quality is maintained, FurBall Soft Pet Bed is well sealed and assured to reach your homes in its best shape. Follow these steps to fluff up the bed after taking out in the package to achieve its best form in becoming your pet's haven!